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Since 1989, Power Computing has been offering professional IT and email services to the Norfolk and Northeast Nebraska area. Experienced technicians work with customers one-on-one both from the office and on-location to get your email accounts created and setup on all of your staff's devices.

Professional Email Solutions, Right Here in Norfolk, Nebraska!

In today's business world, most of the communication with clients and colleagues is handled through email. There are several options when it comes to selecting how and where to create email accounts, but some are much more effective and professional than others. Since 1989, Power Computing has been offering professional IT and email services to the Norfolk and Northeast Nebraska area. Power Computing will help you determine which email solution is right for your business and save time by taking care of everything for you. Experienced technicians will create individual email accounts for each person in your office, leaving personal email accounts out of the work place.

Small Business Email Hosting

Small Business Email Hosting in Norfolk, Nebraska

Power Computing offers small business email hosting that enables you to communicate using professional email addresses for you and your employees. Domain-based email has many options, allowing you to transfer from one hosting vendor to another and retain the same email address. In comparison to email accounts created in Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, or an internet service provider, domain-based email provides your business with a professional edge. Using this type of email hosting also allows you to market your website in a subtle but effective way. Power Computing will also setup and configure the emails on each employee's device to streamline communication both in the office and onsite. Click here to learn more about Small Business Email Hosting

Business Class Email

Business Class Email in Northeast Nebraska

To improve productivity and communication within your staff, Power Computing offers business class email solutions for small offices and large companies alike. Cloud-based products, such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite offer far more features than just email. Messaging, file sharing, and outside-office tasks just got more manageable, and with competitive pricing, now more affordable! Click here to learn more about Business Class Email

Secure Email

Secure Email Login in Norfolk, Nebraska

A secure email service is the simplest way to keep company emails private. Secure email is a safe and efficient alternative to ordinary email. When you hit the send button on your secure email, the information contained in it is encrypted. This means that it can only be read by the intended recipient. By contrast, regular emails can be easily intercepted and read by just about anyone. Secure email also allows you to send large-sized files to clients and colleagues without getting hung up by your internet provider. Click here to learn more about Secure Email.

Email Filtering/Encryption & Archiving

Mobile Email Filtering Encryption Archiving in Norfolk, Nebraska

Professional email services from Power Computing also include advanced email options for running an organized and secure business. Protect your staff against phishing and minimize clutter in your inbox with email filtering services. Email encryption is an effective way to protect content from being read by other entities than the intended recipients. Email archiving allows you to solve archiving, regulatory, compliance, and e-discovery challenges within your business. Click here to learn more about email filtering/encryption and archiving.

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